There are a whole bunch of factors that go into determining prices for a print job, so we customize each quote on an order-by-order basis. Some factors to consider are shirt brand, amount of colors in the design, and number of print locations. If you have a specific brand or price in mind, please let us know and we'll do our best to find something that works for you. Our pricing is fair and transparent, plus no minimum orders, woo hoo!

We are currently not taking on new clients.

Existing clients may continue to place orders.

Still you may feel free to reach out! ❤️



We have, seriously guys, a ton of brands. Too many to name in fact! Below are some of the brands we like to party with the most.

 the skinny 

How much is this gonna cost me?


We do estimates on an order-by-order basis, so shoot us an email! Please include as many details as you can and we’ll reply promptly with some options and pricing.



When will my order be ready?


Our standard turn-around time is 10 business days from order approval, but we always try to beat that!



But I need my order faster than that! Like, by the end of the week, can you do that?


We can sure try! Just let us know all the details and we’ll get to figuring out if we can meet a tight deadline. If we have to delay other orders on our docket to fit yours in, a rush fee might be applicable (we will of course let you know). It also always helps to reply to emails quickly in this type of situation.



I dont have a design, can you make me one?


Heck yeah, we can! We have a group of rad and foxy women designers that are ready to help you make something distinct!  Check out the about page to see their individual websites and be sure to peep our design blog for recent projects at AFTNPRNTDESIGN.tumblr.com . Email us to get the ball rollin’.



I only need a couple of tees, is that okay?


You betchya! We don’t have minimum orders so, yes, we will print one shirt for you. Note that there are standard setup costs which are per order, and don’t change no matter how many units we print. These will seem a lot more when printing just one item as opposed to even 10 or so.  We do have a minimum for four-color process or other difficult printing procedures but we will be sure to let you know! 



What else do you print besides t-shirts?


So much, so very, very much! Here are a few examples: tri-blend tees, poly/cotton tees, v-necks, tank tops, raglans, hoodies, crewnecks sweatshirts, sweatpants, sports jerseys, track jackets, leggings, DEEP BREATH bandanas, patches, posters, onesies and infant clothing, tote bags, dog clothes, and yes, underwear.



I need posters for an event, can you make these?


Of course! We love to print posters here. We print them by hand so each one is special. We even hand number the backs so your fans or clients will know theirs is a one of a kind.



Will it cost more if I want to do multiple colors or kinds of tees?


As long as you have the same design on each item and it doesn’t need to change print color or size, you can choose as many different colors as you’d like. You can also mix and match the type, for example, half women’s v-necks and half unisex tees. Each item will have it’s own price but it won’t cost any additional to mix up the types if the design stays the same.



When will I have to pay for my order?


This really depends on how much you are ordering. For larger orders, we may require 50% up-front and the remaining due upon delivery/pick-up, and for other orders, we may not ask for payment until the order is completed.  If you are a first time client and we are shipping the order out, we ask for payment before printing.



What’s the best way to pay for my order?


We accept cash, checks and all credit cards. There is a 3.25% surcharge when using credit cards, so we generally recommend cash or check.



What type of file do I need to give you?


The best one you’ve got! We prefer if you have the original working file from Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop (.ai and .psd). Otherwise, an EPS file or any other type with the largest sizing available and a minimum of 300DPI. The better the file, the better print we can make.



What’s the largest my print size can be?


This really depends on what tees you are ordering. Generally, our max apparel print size is 15 x 21 inches, but we will have to make sure the print will be able to fit on the smallest size you order.



Can I supply my own stuff for you to print on?


Yes, we can print items that you supply, there's just a little more liability on your part. When we supply products we are always sure to have extras in case of mistakes, but with client supplied goods, any mess ups just get taken out of the order. So be sure to supply us with extras if you can.



Can I stop by the shop to see samples or meet with you?


Sure thing! Email or call us to set up a meeting time.