Little ol' Afternoon Printing started in a very sweaty and very cramped basement all the way back in 2011.  We've outgrown several shops since then and are now sweatin' it up in South Minneapolis.


What we pride ourselves most in here is attention to detail.  We print the old fashioned way, using our arms and our eyes. We might not be a very large operation but we take time on every order to make sure it's done properly and efficiently.  We love the opportunity to work with our hands and be involved every step of the process.




Yeah, that's right, we're a TWO woman shop! Proud of it too.  We're not as big as some of our online competitors but we love to work, and really love to work hard.  We've also got an awesome owner and all around cool guy like Ian Anderson on our side.  He's the big boss of the whole Afternoon Company family, which houses a lot of other rad, small, local businesses and talented people.

 the bee's knees 

Jason Norman

Ian Anderson - boss fight

Oh, and don't forget a gorgeous team of designers that do some pretty cool stuff.  Check it out!

Ash Temple

Kristen Sassenfeld

Kristen Sassenfeld - manager/head printer

Jessi Storms - printer/social media